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if I attach a copy of Fellowship of the Ring to some ethereum, have I generated a non-fungible Tolkien?

no gods, no kings, no memelords

memes belong to the people

Oh wow.

"Finnish astrophotographer J-P Metsavainio has released a Milky Way photo that took him nearly 12 years to create. The 1.7-gigapixel image has a cumulative exposure time of 1,250 hours."

#Space #Images #MilkyWay #Galaxies


Your annual reminder to beware the IDEs of March. Especially when a text editor will suffice.

“Debugging is the subtle art of reconciling what you think you asked a computer to do with what you actually asked a computer to do.”


There cannot BE a better definition.

"I plug the USB cable into the port -- wait, out of character: is it USB type A or C?"
"Roll for knowledge."
*rolls two dice* "Eight."
"You recognize it as a type A connector. You'll have to roll for luck on the orientation."


Dark Mode fans using Linux: now has a dark icon theme! This should be enabled by default if your window manager theme is dark, but can be forced in preferences. Icons are still being tweaked for dark mode but already pretty usable. MacOS users: coming soon!


Today is Pungenday, the 73rd day of Chaos in the YOLD 3187 #ddate

I'm really surprised no one in the late 20th century made a DOS distribution called ZarDOS, with Sean Connery's Zed as the logo.

Yet again #QEMU has been accepted into #GSoC. If you are interested in getting paid to intern for the project over the summer have a look at our suggested projects:

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