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Ahhhh, French public transport. It’s almost reliable.


"ultraviolet" is such a cool word tbh
it sounds like the name of a superheroine

weirdness levels are currently at 94% but fluctuating wildly

(94%) ■■■■■■■■■□

Son, now that you're 6, it's time I taught you about SSH. This is how you ssh into the computer upstairs and play a loud sound on it to scare your sister.

Our second child is going to be born soon, so I need to free up some space... This includes OpenBSD CDs from 5.2 up to 6.0 (including all Stickers), as well as "The Book of PF" (2nd ed.) and "Absolute Freebsd" (2nd ed) from our beloved @mwlucas, shipped from Germany. CDs would be 25€/CD (will donate 5€ thereof to the OpenBSD foundation) and 10€ per book. Boosts appreciated!

Oh, rubber *duck* debugging! Now that's embarrassing

@denix ping!
I'm seeing bounces of email notifications.
Originating from your secondary MX as it can't reach your primary.
Seems to be for at least 10 days already.

My #blackHole humour is getting substantial attn in that other place. It just seemed to tasty to not share…

1960's soviet environmental poster.

“do not desecrate nature!”

As we had another very sunny day I took a few minutes to do some flower #macro photos. The attached #photo is my favourite. It is a lus a' chinn - narcissus.

The sun is shining through the delicate tepals, with a darker shade where they overlap. The corona is very short and a lovely shade of orange. Managed to capture it when the soft breeze stopped.

#photography #flower #daffodil #narcissus

The "Selfie" attack on TLS 1.3 explained, and why formal verification efforts didn't catch it:

I guess this year in the UK May is going to end before April huh…

WiFi came out of the Australian research organization CSIRO, specifically their work on radio astronomy.

First Horizon-Scale Image of a Black Hole

Image Credit: Event Horizon Telescope Collaboration #APoD

Interesting idea for discreetly helping propagate plants and flowers in neglected urban areas...

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