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Trolley-Problem Corona Edition.


This one's a real head-scratcher.

If you ever needed to work with complex #nginx configs with a deep include structure you know how annoying this is.

I hacked together a script which, for a given nginx.conf file, lets you:
- get the full tree of includes
- generate a clean config directory *only* with nginx.conf and all the relevant includes
- dump a flat file with all the includes inlined.

There you go:

Yes, it's #Bash. Yes, it's slow. Yes, it works. #sysadmin

In a crisis, all the masks come off. People show their true selves and what they really care about.

Some try to help others, while some only help themselves. Some share what they can, while some hoard all they can. Some look for ways to improve things for everyone, while some only push their own agendas. And their actions speak louder than their words.

Keep your eyes open. Learn which of these people surround you, and also which of these people you truly are.

@attilakinali Better stock up before the pitchfork store is forced to close.


“Hoarder - shame on you!” – 🇩🇪 German poster from the Second World War (1942) discouraging the hoarding of goods.


@tbr @trini @staticsafe @Odo Meanwhile Gul Dukat insists there's nothing to worry about.

For GenZ and younger Millennials: You're living through a time comparable to, possibly more consequential than, 9/11 for the GenX crowd.

Possibly closer to major political upheavals or wars: Fall of USSR WWII, Great Depression.

Your lives will likely be divided into "pre-Coronavirus" and "post-Coronavirus".

Life, institutions, worldviews, life trajectories, politics, personal lives, will change. Quite probably long-term. In unexpected ways I cannot predict.

Pay attention.


As if millions cried out, then were suddenly silenced.

my preferred news sources (for reference):

- reading the headlines on the Financial Times (paywalled but u dont need to pay for articles just read the headlines for free)

- Star Wars Adventure Journal, Volume 1, Number 1

- CBeebies News

- "News" by Dire Straits

- look at one of the many crows outside. look at its overall body language. thatll give you an idea

when you find out your daily lifestyle is actually called "quarantine"


🐪 camelCase
🧮 PascalCase
🐍 snake_case
🍢 kebab-case

the more you know 💫
First seen here:
Seems to have spawned some additional ideas across the web.

My room is cold. Please give me work units, Mr. Scientist man.

It has been [0] days without an Intel hardware-level vulnerability.

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