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“OpenStreetMap’s data is crowdsourced, which has always made spectators to the project a bit wary about the quality of the data,”

^ I feel like this is a reoccurring problematic trope. What the fuck does google maps know about my local park? Why do we assume some higher authority is more trustable than community members?

Why do we assume people are going to frequently waste their time editing openstreetmap out of bad faith?

There is no evidence for this trope being true

Today is Sweetmorn, the 51st day of Chaos in the YOLD 3187 #ddate

Today is Setting Orange, the 45th day of Chaos in the YOLD 3187 #ddate

For a presentation, looked up when various programming languages first appeared.

Rust: 2010 (1.0 2015)
Go: 2009
C#: 2000
PHP: 1995
Java: 1995
Python: 1991
Haskell: 1990
Perl: 1987
C: 1972
Lisp: 1958
Fortran: 1957
Plankalkül: 1948

All but one of those are still in active use.

Saharan dust: Orange skies and sandy snow in southern Europe

(submitted by pseudolus)

Me: "I wish I had something productive to do"
*Looks at to-do list full of well defined, relevant, achievable goals*
Me: "I wish I had something productive to do"

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