... Just started setting up my #Librem5 dev kit. Kinda psyched 😎... Thanks @Purism !!!


@davidpgil @Purism What's the firmware running on that sucker? :)

@trini @Purism Ill know once I can flash it. i want to install everything from the device itself, so for that I will need a micro sd card... I guess i could flash it over ssh but im a bit neevous about that... 😅

@trini @Purism i didnt try hard enough to get that working so I just opted for ssh. should i be doing the serial console?

@davidpgil @Purism Nah, that's just me in my U-Boot guy hat wondering what's on there :)

@trini @Purism hrm, never heard of u-boot... im all curious now 😅

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