Hey @Gargron blurred images like this are another part of why I'd really like to just have blanks again. That's all a _nope_ from me, I don't want a slight preview of what's underneath.

There's a flock of white ibis that have been in the neighborhood the past few weeks. Today one of them was in our yard (no good pictures) and a few more closer to the street. I wish I had the farthest left bird a tiny bit better in focus in the last picture but overall, I like these.

Nikon D5500

Also from that trip, here's two pictures I took of the sky from the desert in Moab, Utah. I have to admit they weren't as successful as I'd have hoped but we had been driving most of the day to get there and this was my first experiment with shooting the sky at night.

Nikon D5500

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