@mwlucas @LilFluff It's humid here (NC) and the first time we quick vented eggs it was "yeah, that's going to wreck the cabinet door if I do it there again" and the second time was "well, with the window open, it's not too bad. But the door to the porch is literally THERE and...". So I do eggs outside and don't care if the neighbors think I'm crazy :)

@Virelai Ah, so TIL that "String of Hearts" is the other name for "Rosary plant". Yes, looks like that to me, based on the family heirloom one we have here.

@mwlucas Do you eat hard boiled eggs? If so, it's really awesome at that. Can you use it easily outside, or do you have awesome kitchen venting? Any recipe that says you should use the quick venting method needs either awesome kitchen venting or just do it outside where releasing a ton of steam isn't an issue. Only other thing I can attest to personally is that yes, for cooking rice, it really is as easy as rise, equal parts rice and water, Rice button twice (so it doesn't go to "keep warm")

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"What came first, the chicken or the egg?"

🐔 codepoint: U+1F414
🥚 codepoint: U+1F95A

There you go, Unicode wouldn't lie to you, the chicken came first.

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On the one hand, I am a strong partisan of the 'You Can't Grep Dead Trees' school of textual media.

On the other hand, you know what you can do with dead trees? KEEP THEM. LEND THEM TO PEOPLE. When some company wants to switch to digital media because they're facing pressure from the resale market, that simply means they're going to charge people an arm and a leg for textbooks that /expire/ and nobody but the Licensed Renter can look inside of.

Heck, come to that, when you have your book in a DRMd format, much of the usefulness of not being written on the corpses of former trees goes away, since an adversarial interface strictly delineates what you may do with it.

(Yes, I want DRM illegal. I want its legislative cronies out of office. I want anticircumvention laws burnt to the ground.)

@thomasfuchs That would be the thing we do not miss from there. Good luck :)

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asking for varied Linux recommendations 

asking for varied Linux recommendations 

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@GwenfarsGarden So, TIL St Swithin's Day is a real thing and that's how it's spelled, and not an entirely made up thing I half-heard in some joke on some show 20 years ago that I thought was "swivins" or so.

@hcs Did you already know about "git stash save --keep-index" ?

@staticsafe The port that will never die, yes. I believe in business settings it's still easy to find a conf room with VGA and not HDMI.

For all the folks like @tbr and @nivex I present: steamcommunity.com/app/221410/ and yes, that's still a problem today. Dropping turning off/on IPv6 in the steam launcher service now.

@emsenn I see you've moved on from Gatsby. But what I meant was, to do incremental builds correctly you need to track your inputs and outputs. Getting that right is tricky. Just rebuilding everything every time avoids that.

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Markdown table editor 

@juliank IIRC, Season 3 was announced shortly after 2? But, yeah (and we're not done with Season 3 here yet), my first reaction was "I hope they're going to give this a good real conclusion again, I was fine with where S2 stopped things". At least, ah, Google says they plan to stop at 4 seasons now, for real. Really hope they stick with that.

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Looks like I’ve found a little something to seriously expand the capabilities of my gaming PC

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