Man, I really hate GE's silicon caulk tubes. The foil under the nozzle is too thick, so you either need to take off the nozzle and then use gaffers tape to reattach it after cutitng out the foil, or, and this is honestly what I do, just pry the end off the back and use a screwdriver to scoop out the caulk.

Trying to use it with a gun 100% of the time means caulk comes out the back and gets all over the gun, and MAYBE you'll get a drop out the front by the time you squeeze a whole tube.


@emsenn Crap like that is what I keep a collection of oddball nails and other narrow pointy objects for, FWIW.

@trini The problem is the foil is so shit that unless you literally take the whole nozzle off, you won't pierce enough of it to make it less resistant than the back of the tube. THe caulk gun I got handed down actually has a little rifle burr on the underside of the barrel for piercing and cleaning the nozzle, it's great!

@trini part of it too is it's not like, a cellophaney foil, but a bit stretchy, though not as bad as saran wrap.

But so it stretches and balloons and can... I mean you've got a mind for this thing, you can picture all the ways in which this makes it a useless product.

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