Did anyone try replacing Firefox tabs with i3 tabs? I know how to do it but I'm still a bit concerned about the memory implications. Firefox can "hibernate" tabs that aren't used, but can it do the same if each "tab" is actually a Firefox window that's a tab in i3?


@Matter Won't every i3-tab-firefox be its own session of FF and thus need its own profile? You can have more than one copy of FF going at a time, yes. If you're thinking about this for security reasons, are you already looking at/ruled out Qubes for better sandboxing/etc of your machine?

@trini no, tabs and windows are pretty much identical. I'm just concerned it won't know how to tell which "tabs" are not being used

@Matter Ah, OK. That I would hope works right as it's all just "tabs" anyhow, I think, to FF.

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