If I wanted to start developing something for #linux #smartphone s, where should I start?
Raspberry pi with a touchscreen?
I'm wanting to get a #pinephone when they come out, and want to start learning how to write software for it now.


@george_ It depends on the UI framework whatever phone you're going to use uses, and that you can test/develop against on your desktop/whatever.


> Supported by All Major Linux Phone Projects

I wonder what the most cross compatible framework is. Probably Qt. I'll do some research.

> that you can test/develop against on your desktop/whatever.

What would determine this?

@george_ Well, whatever your current environment is, is good enough starting out with to play with KDE Plasma or the GNOME equivalent or what-have-you. I mean, if you're looking for a project you can build a something from SBC+TS. But if your goal is "I want to play with app development" you don't need new hardware. There's many ways to give yourself a virtual machine or just run it on your desktop.

@george_ @trini
If I get it right #pinephone is using KDE Plasma. So C++ and Qt seem to a good start. Maybe you'll find more infos in their wiki:


@datenteiler @george_ @trini
so its a community OS phone lots of communities will have their OS ready for it

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