So I see "Opera GX" is a thing, and it's selling points are that you can limit CPU/Memory. I find that funny in that I do that today with systemd-run and any browser at all. Or any bloaty app.

And for the systemd-hate, that's just a wrapper around cgroups.

@trini ulimit has been around since the beginning of time, more or less.

@trini @mansr I haven't tried that since I found limiting the memory with cgroups via systemd induced heavy thrashing when the process was attempting to reclaim memory by evicting executable pages that were in regular use resulting in degradation of the entire system. ulimiting virtual memory (not resident unfortunately since you can't do that) seems to be cleaner if you can calculate a max size. Have you had better luck? Maybe they've changed something since I last tried this.

@trini @mansr on a side note it's great how many processes will now jerk around with mmap() and use gigabytes or terabytes of virtual address space.

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