Idee, #Deutschland? Einfach per Gesetz dafür sorgen, daß Investoren ausgeschlossen werden Immobilien/Grundstücke zu kaufen um dann teuer zu vermieten?

ABBA performed the song in 1979 from the UN general assembly. They first donated 50%, later 100% of the proceeds. Talking about being wholesome.

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Die hätte ja auch das Schnelltestprofil einfach „Check-in Daten“ nennen können und ein einfaches Backend Stricken können und - Zack. Verordnungskonformes Einchecken ohne Luca. Cc

I wore this t-shirt to a thing today, and I must apologise for the lie.

I was both social distancing *and* ignoring you all.

Happy days.


@arnd It's funny, because I was reading about it in Tanenbaum's Computer Architecture just yesterday. Then opened Wikipedia and saw it's discontinued July 2021. What a timing.

Today is the official last shipment date for Intel itanium processors, as announced a few years ago. Apparently you can still order them from HP, though.

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