Signs that shit's getting real: typing "sudo -i" into a terminal.

I'm seeking a copy of:

"A Student of Technology; Emmanuel George Mesthene", The New York Times, January 18, 1969

Reply here or email to dredmorbius <at> protonmail <dot> com


What I'm *actually* looking for here is the actual report from Harvard's "Technology and Society" project, headed by George Mesthene. No sign of that anywhere (possible leads in Worldcat).

Published 1969, best I can tell, though another source says 1968, apparently a typo.

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"what's your gender?"
"but what's in your pants"

You can use #vim to edit files directly on a remote machine using

vim scp://server/path

… provided, you have ssh setup, of course. You can add on a username and a port as you'd expect. If you want to use absolute paths, you'll have to start the path with //, because that's how we roll. #VimTips

The jc utility serializes the output of popular gnu linux command line tools and file types to structured JSON output. It reminds me of FreeBSD’s libxo ( which is built into several tools (/via @cronweekly)

I know it's unpopular to admit this, but macOS is a great #Linux #distro.


someone who has never read shakespeare: oh i love his plays... they're so sophisticated and intellectual....... the height of refinement and class...... so far above these modern vulgarities.................

someone who has read shakespeare: there were more dick jokes than i expected

someone who has read and understands shakespeare and loves it: THESE ARE SOME FINELY CRAFTED QUALITY DICK JOKES Y'ALL,THANKS WILD BILLY SHAKES

A 18 year old hacker had access to sensitive data of 30.000 patients of the German Red Cross. He was even able to tamper patient transports.

After he quietly informed the organization, they only partially fixed the problem, so he reported everything to the press.

Did you hear? We're getting a bunch of new emoji!!

I've been hoping for ages that we'd get some new plant emoji and now, finally, we're getting... this... What is this, anyway? Looks a little bit like... dracaena fragrans? Eh, close enough.

Mires, mostly bogs and fens, store around 30% of Earth’s land-based carbon. Wetlands are important carbon sinks for climate action and conservation.

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