Auch in 2021:
Die Selbsthilfegruppe "UTF-8-Probleme" trifft sich am Donnerstag in Raum Gr�¼n.

Most programming languages have IF/ELSE and WHILE statements. Some also have (redundantly) UNLESS and UNTIL. To be more expressive, I want a language that additionally has a WHEREAS/HOWEVER statement as well as BECAUSE. REGARDLESS would also be a good addition. Anyone who implements such a languages gets to decide what these constructs actually do.

@tbr Most of those devices probably don't use DNSSEC though.

How "fun" a RemoteCodeExecution vulnerablity in DNSmasq. That thing is probably present on every network worldwide either just in the router or in many embedded devices, phones, id-IoT stuff…

Mimimi, we've always wanted that people are using our open source product in such a restrictive way that as with proprietary software, but now we blame Amazon for our proprietary re-licensing.


From the tales of 'nobody expected the numbers would get so high':

"SUBLEVEL only has 8 bits of space, which means that we'll overflow it once it reaches 256" – which for #Linux #Kernel 4.4.x & 4.9.x is soon. Proposed fix, v1:



99% of programming is figuring out why you received a banana when you asked for an apple.

(And the answer is always “because you actually asked for a banana all along.”)

"Do you have a positive outlook on life?"

"Let's just say I have Microsoft Outlook."

The fun of being a multi-lingual user!

In case an ABUS smoke detector gives a false alarm, German and English speaking users can press the button to silence the alarm for 9 minutes. French, Dutch, and Italian users have to press the button for 9 minutes instead.


Today is the 10000th day of Eternal September. I wrote something about social media and stuff, inspired by this and the recent events.

*Thoughts on the 10000th of September | viznut* announces beagle with RISC_V :) EXCITING!!!
119$ for 4GB and 149$ for 8GB -> Awesome!

Full text:

Working with Seeed and StarFive, BeagleBoard is releasing a RISC-V board to help advance the development of open source software for the RISC-V open ISA. You might see announcements today.

Be sure to register interest on that site because the early board release is very limited.

Also see:

Have you been running full tilt today? Take a few moments to recharge.

"They've come back round and passed me while fucking off again!"

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