Evil, Eviler, Evilest. After infecting the victims' machines with ransomware, criminals provide a link to a PayPal #phishing page to harvest their payment card details.
#Infosec #Security

The usual Gaelic word for #Brexit is #Breatamach

I've just noticed some people using #Sasamach , which is the same as #Engxit

I like it. 😃

when in pleroma, do as the pleromans do

This is a great, detailed post about how to implement a search feature using PostgreSQL

"Postgres full-text search is Good Enough!"


#BunnyTips Cover your telephone and charger wires. Your bunny will attempt to chew through them at the first opportunity.

This is to isolate you, ensuring you cannot call for help.

The carbon buildup on our wood stove window is suddenly this really cool fractal crystalline structure today.

windows 10 licenses should cost negative money

microsoft should pay you for having to use windows 10

Make extra carbonated beverages branded as Burp Water

@Nasenspray Oh wie cool! Zu #vorstellungsgespräch habe ich auch eine:
Nach wenigen Sätzen war klar, dass ich in dieser Firma nicht arbeiten möchte. Dann kam die Frage nach meinen Stärken und bevor ich noch nachdenken konnte, kam aus meinem Mund das Wort „Kompetenzsimulation“.

Instead of asking “Why didn’t you just use X?” Ask: “Was solution X considered?” You’ll 9/10 times get a really good reason and 10/10 times not make yourself sound arrogant and accusatory.


@aral This entryism article about Microsoft Evangelists killing competing events is interesting and moderately relevant: techrights.org/2019/01/10/the-

I remember when Microsoft tried this BS at LinuxFest Northwest (taking over 1/3rd of the conference booth space). Glad the organizers banned them the following year! That stuff is core rot, which will rapidly kill a community.

(and since many of the core GNU components are controlled by RedHat I consider the ability to choose your userland components to be one of Alpine's greatest strengths.)

My workplace is currently looking for 3 developers in #Warsaw.

1 mid-level, senior #python developer hacking mostly on a django backend/rest framework API

2 #javascript + #ux developers hacking on an angular frontend

The product is a privilege access management solution built on top of #FreeBSD. You'll be exposed to BSD, networking and security on a daily basis.

Feel free to chat me up if you're interested. I can pass on a CV but I can't discuss pay as I'm not performing the recruitment.

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