How many tech conference "keynotes" are just long-winded ads for the speaker's SaaS? 🤔

today's accomplishment: spent the morning working with, and we now have TinyUSB running on LUNA -- that is, TinyUSB is running on a little RISC-V core, with LUNA's USB controller as a peripheral :)

the SoC core:

computers: rawr

me: you will submit to my will

computers: nooooo i will not

me: well at least we'll annoy each other along the way

computers: aye, i could do that

Thing I learned...

Eurorack Synthesizers are supposed to -do- things, not just look like space consoles.

Firefox 89: That Sinking Feeling Of Inevitable Doom When You Realise Someone Has Reengineered Your User Experience To Increase Its Delightfulness, Whether You Wanted Them To Or Not

Narrator: He wasn't actually delighted

Some progress. Hopefully I'll have the front and back frames mostly done, at least by outline. Then I'd only have the crossbracing/reinforcing left for tomorrow…

Today is Sweetmorn, the 10th day of Confusion in the YOLD 3187 #ddate

"among us", but there's no imposter and it's just a chill co-op game where you fix a spaceship

Worked a ham radio station even today. Most exciting: I heard from a guy in Bolivia! 6000 miles???

Also I was trying to use phonetic alphabet and accidentally mentally switched to Lemur vs Lima. Which works!

wow, so people are still signing up for keybase even after they pivoted to their cryptocurrency scam, huh?

if being hard on yourself worked, it would have worked by now

try something else

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