this morning my husband reminded me of the time he was trying to read French Lord of the Rings and he got to the part where he translated it "the elves were dying into the west"

and he was like ...

... this is not right???

So he went to the English original and it said "the elves were passing away into the West"

and that's why it's both important to know idioms and to be cautious with them.

RT @Anarqxista
People will tell you that "now is not the time to be political". Thats bullshit. Now is absolutely the time. The monarchy is the figurehead institution for the idea that some people should live in privilege and rule by right whilst you simply kneel + obey. #AbolishTheMonarchy

Es ist schon bizarr, zu sehen, wie in Zeiten größter Umwälzungen und akutester Handlungsbedarfe sich die Merzmenschen krampfhaft ausgerechnet auf Nichtthemen wie Gendern einschießen. Diese Union scheint außer Verlustpanik über keine nennenswerte Programmatik mehr zu verfügen.

Remember to feed your wall plugs, so they grow big and strong ✨

Hot dogs were once called "dachshund sausages".

(Image: Jessadactyl; CC BY-SA.)

Year progress: ▒▒▒▒▒▒▒▒▒▒▒▒▒░░░░░░░ 65.8%

Who wants to buy my audiophile grade custom handmade RCA cables. Starting price $500

Wir machen Gaslighting nachhaltig, mit grünem Wasserstoff!

Blender is the Vim of 3D software (positive), unfortunately Blender is the Vim of 3D software (negative)

no but seriously the danger of the continued 9€-Ticket is that it is a slippery slope:
- people would buy less cars
- if we can make it 9€, we could also make it free, getting rid of the ticketing infrastructure and ticket inspection, which would save cost
- if it turns out that can provide public transportation for free, people might think what else could be done that benefits everyone and financed by everyone
- next up people will want a UBI??
- people will be harder to exploit
- less profit

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