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Thomas B. Rücker

So, I guess something I've learned about Mastodon today is that you really need to have 2-3 pinned searches or whatever, for the web UI to not be so "huge" and then it looks fine when you shrink it down to 80% or whatever.

I can't believe I found a use case (at work, no less!) for ... has now been updated to Mastodon 2.2

- enjoy! 🎉 🍻

Anyone else who had to desecrate their like this?
Ever since my keyboard was replaced I had weird mouse drifting, especially during typing. Finally narrowed it down a few weeks ago that it was the keycaps (G,H,S) rubbing against the TrackPoint.
This is a T460s.

Anyone have evening/dinner plans? Trying to figure out what to do.

journey part III will begin soon™. My ride (D-AIRU) has just arrived.
LH848 was 20 minutes late though.

Part IIb local trains are operating. Downtown supposedly with very limited public transport.

Journey continues, Part II in progress.
Train left with only 12 minutes delay.
Flight dashboard for looks OK so far too.

Journey Part I completed. Made it to the train station by bus despite strike and a bit of weather.
Train seems only 10 minutes late so far. Let's see when it arrives here.

Also: "Technical Debt" as such originated from Ward Cunningham (Wiki inventor): "According to Kruchten [Kru12] Technical Debt has been introduced by Ward Cunningham at OOPSLA 1992"

10 isn't old. USB 3.0 came out in 2008.

20 isn't old. Windows 98 came out in 1998.

30 isn't old. Photoshop came out in 1988.

40 isn't old. LaserDisc came out in 1978.

50 isn't old. Intel was founded in 1968.

60 isn't old. Lego was patented in 1958.

70 isn't old. Velcro was invented in 1948.

80 isn't old. LSD was invented in 1938.

90 isn't old. TV was invented in 1928.

100 isn't... Okay, maybe you're getting a bit old.

My open source bug reporting has become less about fixing issues and more about making sure the next poor slob who runs headlong into the problem gets a search engine hit.

Remember, [::1] is shorter to type than #IPv6

friends don't let friends write Python 2 code in 2017