when did you join mastodon?

Transcribed from screenshot:

git config --global alias.yoink pull
git config --global alias.yeet push

pangola (extinct)
pangocello (extinct)
bass pangol (extinct)


(yes i did this gag on twitter a few years back but it feels like time to revive it, with an illustration this time!)

#Athens is full of cats. I mean there must be millions of cats. I always thought it's because people love and feed them. TIL they are protected city property and are taken care by the city with help from volunteers.

And it's illegal to take away their food.

#IPv6 is the metric system of the Internet. Once you get it, it's way easier, but nobody wants to upend things to use it on the daily.

Suggestion for the compiler devs out there: add a " FIXME [date]" directive that prints a reminder if the specified date has been reached.

I have a folder marked "coronavirus advice" which somehow ended up being mainly cat/kitten photos

A web developer falls asleep in a train. As the train goes and each car's wheels make the characteristic double thud, the developer has a nightmare:

Strange companies lying around in ponds distributing codecs is no way to choose an industry standard

So my hot tub app was updated yesterday. looked good, they added flexible scheduling, multiple timers, daily repeats etc.
Only one problem. it no longer switches the tub on!

Dear users of phones, tablets, computers, cameras and other instruments which contains data that might be important to you.

Make fucking backups. For the love of what ever you believe in. Copy your dearest and most important files and or documents somewhere else that in case one device goes *poof* you have something you can get back to.

And please, please, please do it regularly.

You will thank your future YOU later.

#Backup #Data #DataLoss

Someone says: It's cross platform.
It runs on Windows and Mac.
It runs on Android and iOS.

What I hear:

A symposium is a drinking party:

symposium (n.)

1580s, "account of a gathering or party," from Latin symposium "drinking party, symposium," from Greek symposion "drinking party, convivial gathering of the educated" (related to sympotes "drinking companion"), from assimilated form of syn- "together" (see syn-) + posis "a drinking," from a stem of Aeolic ponen "to drink," from PIE root *po(i)- "to drink."



You can look at the Google IPv6 usage graph and really tell when everyone started working from home and using their personal accounts, which are typically much more IPv6-ready.

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