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Thomas B. Rücker

After your death you're greeted with a prompt and two options: "Would you like to try again? (Y/N)"
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For years, Mattel marketed a Barbie typewriter. When they switched from mechanical to electronic typewriters, they chose to license from a Slovenian manufacturer, Mehano, who readily supplied their E-115 (and later 116-118) model.

But these typewriters had a secret: hold SHIFT and LOCK, and press one of the first four keys on the first row, and the typewriter switches into substitution-cipher mode, encoding whatever you type:

Best noise-cancelling headphones currently? I need the most isolation from annoying crying kids etc. on public transport. Any recommendations or are the QC35 the way to go? Cost is a secondary concern 😉
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"Give someone a program, you frustrate them for a day; teach them how to program, you frustrate them for a lifetime." - David Leinweber


90% of the DNS queries in my home network are being blocked. (And they're all legitimate blocks, no false-positives or anything like that).

90% !

I don't even know the right question to ask ...

Serious question for the and/or type folks. What do you like for backup solutions? Or perhaps more precisely, there's not really something "better" than "and your trusted friend/family member in another area has the encrypted mirror copy too", yes? Or periodic duplication to external drive(s) (encrypted of course) that get stored in a safety deposit box?

On Studio Ghibli content.
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did you remember to pack all your dongles?

CAT5 ← RS232
UDP ⇉ Thunderlizard

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Students, let me repeat an important advice: DO BACKUPS!


RT ALWAYS wiggle the card reader! Don't get scammed! #InfoSec

This is why the work started a few years back is so important.
“When people are expected to work on open source for free, only the people who can afford to work for free can participate.” - @fperez_org (via @tracykteal) #SciPy2018

dear website designers:

that thing you do, where i scroll down and down and when i hit the bottom of the article, oh whoops! suddenly i'm at the top of a completely different page?

that is fucking abysmal design. it's user hostile. it makes your website unusable. it makes me NEVER EVER want to come back to your website. for anything. more to the point, it tells me that YOU don't want to use your website either. and nor do the people who pay you.

Ltd backpedals on their smear campaign after it blows up in their face and garners criticism from across "the industry" and its own workforce.
All it achieved was to make RISCV more credible, IMHO.
Hands up whoever is surprised by this… nobody? Thought so…