achievement unlocked, installed libc5 and libm5 so I can run l3enc and l3dec

Fee, fie, foe, fip,
I smell the gates of a microchip.
Be it a hack, or be it cute,
I'll mux its pins and make it boot.

I could really fix this custom board by depopulating the cp210x and adding a max3232 and db9. depoping is always the path to better hardware platforms.

everybody is talking about open source software, but what about open drain? gate issues?

so kicad 0,0 coordinate for a PCB layout is the top left corner of an imaginary piece of paper?

asking for imaginary friends...

how do I convert Kicad to Eagle? asking for many friends

why the f* does installing Kicad pull in gstreamer? so far the easiest way to use Kicad in Linux is to run the Windows version in wine. thx Obama!

why the F does simply opening a file in Inkscape changes it so that it asks me if I want to save changes when I close it?

@trini what I never understood is why music players that try to intelligently organize music for you totally ignore one of the most obvious hints that some songs belong together, being in the same effin' folder.. its like somebody trying to help you clean your room by throwing everything onto a pile on the floor

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