I wrote up my GCC vs Clang results along with some charts over at this github repo:


I got a 30-day trial of the ARM version of clang and re-ran my benchmarks.

TL;DR - ARM clang code is not significantly faster execution than FOSS clang, but it is slightly smaller. GCC -O3 still wins on speed though.

I ran some comparisons of GCC and clang with various optimization settings. Screenshot attached.

TL;DR - A 4-year old version of GCC beats a new clang.

I poked at this some more and was able to modify the linker script to generate a usable .elf output which can be flashed with OpenOCD or converted to raw binary with objcopy. There is a minor downside in that the .ccmram section had to be removed - figuring out how to preserve that is the next step.

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I've been using GCC for embedded ARM work since day 1, but a recent dust-up on a mail list has me trying to get clang working for this. So far it's not been successful and I have my work up on github to see if anyone has suggestions for what I'm doing wrong. Check it out here:


Comments/criticism/suggestions appreciated!

I see the "twit-pocalypse" has stimulated a bit more activity here.

<waves hi>

Haven't been here for a while. Looks like things are still percolating...

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@fribbledom @emeb has a nice 6502 icestick project up on GitHub for those that want to skip the excessive wiring.

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