Me: I installed a window to the greenhouse that automatically opens when it gets hot
He: oh, with a raspberry pi, temp sensor and motor?
Me: Thermal expansion...

"Surely people are not daft enough to use Facebook money"
*Opens a Facebook group discussion*
"Oh never mind"

That feeling when you'd like to complain about how hot Finnish weather is, but you'd just get mocked by your coworkers in India

You can resist the man now by submitting patches to support huawei platforms Allwinner will never realize how many sales they lost because "A20 sata performance is bad". What a good business plan to keep it secret howto use your hardware.

Fixed a CSP issue without resorting to disabling CSP or using unsafe-inline etc. I guess I can add Content-Security-Policy expert in my CV now..

"the Rice group was testing a eutectic solution as an electrolyte in supercapacitor ... the solution was dissolving the metal oxide supercapacitors ... we soon realized what was a disadvantage for electrolyte was an advantage for dissolving and recycling spent lithium batteries."

It took 9 releases of Android to make usable volume control

Android pie arrived to my phone (checks calendar) 9 months after pie was released....

If only they had used a 2.5mm stere jack, they would have been compatible to the Osmocom standard 3.3V UART :)
The audio jack has disappeared from the iPhone but recently rediscovered on the *checks notes* console port for SmartNICs? ๐Ÿค”

Time to start preparing for next weeks twice-a-year "mandatory pants at work" week

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