The end result was 29 minutes for snapdragon 850 and 35 minutes for the old i5. Will continue to build kernels in cloud servers.

Who is going to finish kernel build race first? My old i5 or snapdragon 850?

With the "terminals + browser"work model, the biggest setback on Windows-on-arm is lack of chrome build for windows/arm

I'm wary of attempts to change free software / open source licenses to try to mandate users of the software or the code to not be evil or to harmful.

For one person, it's evil and harmful to promote atheism, and for others it's evil and harmful to promote religion. These are entirely contradictory positions, and clever people have argued (and are still arguing) for either position.

That situation would make the license pointless.

We need another way to make humanity better.

Casually mention a new SBC before boarding a plane, and open Twitter in another continent

Security without usability doesn't improve security. Case points selinux, PGP and now PSD2

My kid is telling livid stories about herobrine In Minecraft. Amazing how the hoax is keeps being passed forward by older kids to younger year after year letting kids listen this was mistake - a month later there is still a 5y going around chanting the chorus

Me: I installed a window to the greenhouse that automatically opens when it gets hot
He: oh, with a raspberry pi, temp sensor and motor?
Me: Thermal expansion...

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