there is howto video on youtube for almost any problem you may imagine

Whenever people talk about UEFI, and it's implications like having to use a FAT partition, I'm reminded of this legendary commit message:

Everyone complaining about the unrealistic sky in scifi movies, the joke is on us.

Not a single Android 10 tablet on available locally. Tablets that are available are amazing crap.

TIl animals where happy to live in oceans. only once sharks appeared, moving to land started to feel like a good idea

Thank Harmy for the Despecialized edition Star Wars!

Gotta love the clever use on 7-segment display on the battery charger

Hard to take coronavirus estimates from software people seriously, when we can't even estimate our own software building schedules properly

Looks like the Clown in White House decided to accidentally support this cause

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Universal Basic Income (UBI) is bit like farting in diarrhea. Too little, it doesn't help. Too much, you get shit in your pants.

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