Universal Basic Income (UBI) is bit like farting in diarrhea. Too little, it doesn't help. Too much, you get shit in your pants.

npr.org/2019/12/09/786308847/a The real news is not that the new PM is a young woman - but that the old PM was booted for relatively minor lies. How does your society tolerate lying politicians?

I'm a full stack developer. In fact, I make the stack overflow!

The end result was 29 minutes for snapdragon 850 and 35 minutes for the old i5. Will continue to build kernels in cloud servers.

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Who is going to finish kernel build race first? My old i5 or snapdragon 850?

With the "terminals + browser"work model, the biggest setback on Windows-on-arm is lack of chrome build for windows/arm

I'm wary of attempts to change free software / open source licenses to try to mandate users of the software or the code to not be evil or to harmful.

For one person, it's evil and harmful to promote atheism, and for others it's evil and harmful to promote religion. These are entirely contradictory positions, and clever people have argued (and are still arguing) for either position.

That situation would make the license pointless.

We need another way to make humanity better.

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