Allwinner will never realize how many sales they lost because "A20 sata performance is bad". What a good business plan to keep it secret howto use your hardware.

Fixed a CSP issue without resorting to disabling CSP or using unsafe-inline etc. I guess I can add Content-Security-Policy expert in my CV now..

"the Rice group was testing a eutectic solution as an electrolyte in supercapacitor ... the solution was dissolving the metal oxide supercapacitors ... we soon realized what was a disadvantage for electrolyte was an advantage for dissolving and recycling spent lithium batteries."

It took 9 releases of Android to make usable volume control

Android pie arrived to my phone (checks calendar) 9 months after pie was released....

If only they had used a 2.5mm stere jack, they would have been compatible to the Osmocom standard 3.3V UART :)
The audio jack has disappeared from the iPhone but recently rediscovered on the *checks notes* console port for SmartNICs? ๐Ÿค”

Time to start preparing for next weeks twice-a-year "mandatory pants at work" week

The burden of implementing should be on the copyright holder organizations. Implement as a SaaS. Youtube pays $0.01 per each correct hit, and copyright holders $100 for each false positive.

I was just educated by a 7y that: noob < pro < hacker

Watch the Brexit experts become Kashmir experts overnight!

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