As I just boosted something about Glimpse I'd just like to remind everyone that many of us (and you) are old enough to remember that the whole point of the other project's long form name was that it could be called the other thing for short as it's funny! Remember the Tarantino movie? Say what again motherfucker! Other memorable lines! But after over 20 years maybe it's OK to admit some jokes just don't age well?

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BTW: Glimpse, which is a fork of that other open-source image editor with the shitty name, has a version you can download and eff around with now.

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WireGuard removed from Google Play Store due to donation link

And apparently, andOTP has also been removed by Google recently due to a donation link.

It's just a page that says you can click this link to support the developers, there is no in-app payment. yet the Google overlord banned them from Play.

This is just pure evil.

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Important read: Bradley Kuhn no longer #FSF director:

His thoughtful post reminds me, FSF has a separate class of voting members. Did #RMS resign as a voting member or just as dir/president? It's unclear.

Per the bylaws, the voting members are effectively "in charge" of the organization because they are the ones who name the board of directors.

#FreeSoftware #OpenSource #FLOSS #FOSS #stallman

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there should be a "Spooky Linux" distro:
* updates every October
* leaves lots of zombie processes
* vulnerable to spectre

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Regular reminder: If you interact with helpline people via chat or phone, and you're given a survey afterwards, just give them top marks for everything.

Even if the agent didn't help you at all, they're just an underpaid cog in a much larger machine. Giving anything other than a perfect score might seriously ruin their day.

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"Between 10,000 and 100,000 calculations later, #Arrhenius had rough, but useful, results - published in 1896. If CO2 levels halved, he concluded, the the Earth's surface temperature would fall by 4-5C. There was a flipside to his calculations: doubling CO2 levels would trigger a rise of 5-6C."
- "The Father of Climate Change"

Climate Technology Primer

"CO2-driven warming arguably discovered 1856 by Eunice Foote"

via baez


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Whoo boy, this is the most public statement I've ever signed:

Let's hope some good for #GNU comes of this all.

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Keeping the legacy of Sir Terry Pratchett alive forever.
For as long as his name is still passed along the Clacks*,
Death can't have him.

* Nowadays called the Internet.

😥 😢 😭

Hey @naga has near-seasonal weather blown in over there (again?) ? Last night we finally got back to reasonable temps.

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Yes Virginia, there are people who will go to the police to complain a hit man they hired did not fulfill the contact

So far so good. As expected, yes, I can run this install in the real hardware and have it work (I was lazy and rsync'd my existing setup over) or boot in in VirtualBox in Win10 and have it work reasonably well (no artifacts in terminal). My very quick and makeshift ESP is indeed kind of a fail atm BUT I might just see what I need to do now to make it less horrid and hacky.

I think I've found my next maybe-stupid trick to try. I'm going to put a real Linux install on the 2nd SSD in the laptop and see what VirtualBox + Windows thinks of that. Then I'll see what Linux thinks of that after the fact, too.

ST:Discovery S2 finale 

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old guy tip: if you find yourself writing a long defense of the actions of another person, and you feel like you've reached a point in your writing where it makes sense to quote the "dictionary definition" of a particular word that is commonly used, that's a really good sign that you might want to pause and seriously reconsider whether the subject of your defense deserves your defense.

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Idea to those other kernel folks out there: how about we allow multiple drivers for a single piece of hardware in the Linux kernel, but require that in such situations each driver maintainer must regularly compete against each other in battle for title of "official driver"

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