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just post the whole log when you need help. always. a chunk is never enough

And for the systemd-hate, that's just a wrapper around cgroups.

So I see "Opera GX" is a thing, and it's selling points are that you can limit CPU/Memory. I find that funny in that I do that today with systemd-run and any browser at all. Or any bloaty app.

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Client: “How much time will it take to finish this project?”

Me: “About 6 weeks”

Client: “I need it finished in two”.

Me: “Let me try to explain it better:”





ST:TNG S5E4, too soon 

ST:TNG S5E01/2 

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getting this off my chest, autism and anti-neurodiverity 

Hey @Are0h and anyone else that plays , apparently 2.3.0 came out the other day (and the obligatory .1 balance/etc fix patch already available for public test). Haven't played it yet but am penciling it in on the schedule .

A question. Does anyone else out there pull the grass from their containers/beds and do a quick re-plant into a part of the yard that has a bare patch? Like, if it doesn't take, oh well, no problem. And if it does, hey, that'll help fill in that area a little quicker.

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If emacs is a Lisp IDE that just happens to contain an OK text editor does that make Chrome a forkbomb that just happens to contain an OK browser?

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Not sure how I talked Philadelphia's Morris Animal Rescue into letting me name some of their kittens with a neural net. They did reject some names.

ST:TNG S4E21 "The Drumhead" 

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